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We are Marco and Arianna.
We live in a little known, but rich in history and stories district of Turin.
We would like to introduce you to our city, which is always waiting for us after our long trips and also always surprises us with its energy hidden in the maze of its streets.
We would like to provide you our "thread" so that you won’t miss what Turin can offer you.
Our B&B is on the first floor of a building of the beginning of the twentieth century. Our house consists of a very bright common area where you can have breakfast, socialize with other guests, connect to the Internet, browse through city guides to discover your own routes and choose a book to read. At your disposal there are two colorful rooms decorated with antiques and modern items. A large bathroom with shower, where you will find soft towels and fragrant scents, is shared by the two rooms.
In our house you will be surrounded by stories and lulled by the scent of printed pages.

Il filo di Arianna BBB di Marco Vercelli 81_10155_Torino_PI 10472740017_CF FRRMRC75H27L219A
tel. +39 011.2495486_cell. +39